College Recruiting

College recruiting is a hard process but the hard-work will pay off! VAST Players have put in hours of training and now we want to help you put those hours to work getting to play soccer at the collegiate level. It is never to early to start the recruiting process. The college soccer recruitment process is competitive so it is crucial that players do everything they can to stand out. VAST wants to provide assistance, resources and guidance through the recruiting process for all of our players.VAST wants to see all of our players on the VAST Wall of Fame!
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Player Highlight Video

VAST is proud to partner with All Star Video Sports. All Star Video Sports (ASVS) is a video production company that focuses on shooting and editing college recruitment videos.  If you are interested in the VAST College Recruiting Video Package fill out our form below.

VAST College Recruiting Video Package -$450

  • 2 games of professionally filmed game footage
  • Highlight Tape Editing 
  • Personal footage provided by athlete for editing (all formats excepted)
  • Package includes all editing, DVD authoring and Internet streaming on YouTube as well as video files optimized for upload to all social media channels.

Next Steps...

Once VAST receives a player's recruiting video form you will receive a response from VAST indicating next steps.