Small Group Training is focused on players technical skills, increases their comfort on the ball, elevates their confidence, grows their tactical knowledge and improves any weaknesses in their game while further developing their strengths. In addition to footwork drills, group training will include 1v1 work, game situation drills, passing progressions and speed/agility.  Players are expected to keep their attendance consistent in order for development to occur. Players are placed in small groups based on their skill level and availability. Small Group Training sessions are 1-hour sessions and are $30 per session. Small Group Training sessions are Sunday through Friday.
VAST Expectations
  • Indoor Soccer Shoes – Please wear indoor soccer shoes to EVERY session.
  • Consistent attendance is very important to the players and VAST. This is how to get the most out of the training at VAST and how development can take place. There is a high demand for players to train at VAST. Each session is planned by the coach based upon the number of players that are expected to attend.  VAST needs to be emailed at by 4PM at the latest if the player plans not to attend a session.  If we see inconsistent attendance by a player we will remove the player from VAST.
  • Payment will be collected by cash or check at each session. Please make sure all checks are payable to “Vahid Assadpour Soccer Training”. You are welcome to pay in advance for multiple sessions.

Next Steps...

Once VAST receives a player's registration form you will receive a response from VAST giving you days/times available for your player based upon your preferred days of training and skill level indicated on the form above.