Small Group Training

Technical and tactical soccer training. Weekly year-round training for ages 8- 23.

Aerial Training

Designed to work on a player receiving balls from the air and controlling the ball to advance the play.

Shooting Training

Designed solely to work on the player's less dominate foot and learning to master the ball with both feet.

1v1 Training

Developed to focus on situations where an attacker is facing a defender and how the attacker can make quick decisions and moves to beat defenders.

Square 1 Training

Square 1 Training is a specifically developed curriculum for players ages 5-8 to learn the fundamentals of the game.

Individual Training

Individual training programs are carefully structured for 1-hour sessions that help the players specific needs and goals.

Touch Trainer

Touch Trainer sessions are a game changer in developing a player and how they receive the ball. 1 to 3 player session packages available.

Goalie Training

VAST demonstrates proper goal keeping techniques and explains the skills, tactics, positioning and psychology of goal keeping.

Team Training

The purpose of this specialized team training program is for players to receive instruction in specific areas of the game to improve overall as a team.

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