"The positive impact that Vahid has had on our daughter is incredible.  He is an absolutely wonderful coach and person.  Our daughter has been going to training with Vahid for several years and her soccer has continually improved.  Each week, Vahid gives specific training and feedback on areas where our daughter wants or needs to develop, while simultaneously recognizing and encouraging her strengths.  In addition to coaching soccer, Vahid also takes time to instill self-discipline and confidence in his players. His constructive development and individual attention has inspired our daughter to work hard and continually improve.  There is no better coach than Vahid." Jeremy and Julie O.
"We have been with Vahid for five years now.  We’ve taken part in camps and small group sessions, as well as one-on-one training sessions.  Vahid is an excellent teacher who truly cares about his students.  He always seems to be available to answer any questions that the parents or kids might have or to offer advice. He has mentored our son from an unskilled boy who just kicks the ball around on the field to a talented young man going to college on a soccer scholarship.  We have never regretted choosing VAST and would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to improve their child’s soccer skills." Mark & Pat G
"We cannot say enough about the VAST soccer training experience.  Our son has participated in both small group training sessions as well as individual training sessions and his growth as player has been incredible to watch.  Jackson has been able to take the foot skills, shots on goal, speed, and agility training directly from the sessions and into games.  Vahid is a very accomplished soccer player himself and training with him in the small group session has taken the place of all other soccer camps.   The facility itself is new, clean and your player is always visible to parents to watch.   Another benefit of training at VAST is the staff.   You are always greeted with a smile and welcomed to watch.  Our family would recommend training at VAST to any soccer player who wants to take their game to the next level." Stephanie S.
"Vahid is hands down the best soccer trainer in the Kansas City area. I could not imagine anyone anywhere doing a better job. The attention he pays to each and every one of the participants is what sets him apart from everyone else. Vahid demands 110% effort in every drill he teaches which transfers to being able to use the skills during games and not just mid speed during practice. In just a few months of Lily participating in VAST she has gone from blending in on the soccer field to standing out as one of the more skilled players at her level. I would highly recommend VAST training to anyone looking to improve their soccer game and I look forward to watching Lily grow as a soccer player and a person in VAST training."Tylor K.
I want to say Thank You! Joel’s touch and goal placement is 10x better. Vast has been a game changer for him, he scored 3 goals today and we played a tough older team.  I recommend vast to everyone that ask me what he is doing extra.  Nikki L.
We just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks!  It’s been a long road to get Jack back up to where we were before the injury.  His foot has technically been ok for a long time but his confidence and speed have taken much longer to recover.  We credit you with getting him back to where he needs to be.  Poor performances at small group a year ago were the first sign something was seriously wrong and now they are a highlight of his week.  Thanks again for all you do! Tyler U.
I have 2 sons (currently 12 and 6) that have been training at VAST over the past 1+ year. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the growth and improvement in my sons skill levels in what I considered such a short amount of time of training at VAST. If you ask my oldest son what he has learned while being at VAST- yes, he can show you some incredible soccer moves and explosive speed, but he also includes values that Vahid has passed along to him. My son will tell you Vahid has taught him to value self-confidence, self-discipline and perseverance. My boys look forward to going to VAST every week- they know they are expected to work hard and give everything they have and that speaks volumes to how Vahid has molded his training sessions into an action packed hour that includes constant feedback and support for each individual child! Watching the training sessions I know Vahid is putting forth every ounce of care into making my sons better soccer players and more than that he is teaching values that will carry with my sons beyond the soccer field!  Sarah H.
"We attribute much of our daughter's success to her working with you.  It has been amazing the progress she has made over the last few years.  Obviously, her skill has improved, but you have also helped her see the physical and mental benefits of training at a high level.  Thanks!"  Shelley M.
"VAST training has been the single best thing that we, as parents have done for KT. We have had the opportunity over the years to work with the best coaches in Kansas City. KT has got good direction from all of them , but with Vahid it has been the perfect fit , personality, work ethic, foot skills, location, striking, defending , coaching & most importantly , mentoring. VAHID has taken the time to know KT as a player & a person .asked her about the weeks games, practices, pains, & growth as a young lady. He expects a lot from his students but would back them up the whole way. He talks with them about peer pressure, bullying, honoring your word and being accountable for your actions. KT will be training with VAST through her high school years & beyond. I'm proud to know Vahid as one of the good guys!"
"Cody started training with VAST so that he could improve and strengthen his soccer skill. When we moved from SC to Missouri last year Cody began playing club soccer. Although he had played soccer since age 4 through rec and YMCA programs and he was good.... Club Soccer was a different playing level that he had not been introduced too.  Just in the few months he has trained with VAST he has learned and improved a lot which was our goal. Vahid is a great coach and motivator and he honestly cares about the growth of each child (no matter how young or old they are) in his program. VAST training is not easy as he pushes them to be the BEST they can be and to improve their WORK ethic and to never give up! His famous saying ... DIG deep and find that strength to finish as fast and as strong as you started.... Most games are won by what you can do and give in the last 5 minutes!  He teaches the kids to find this strength and drive. VAST is the best program we could have found for Cody!! Thank you Vahid." Rebecca C.
"VAST has improved the speed, agility, and focus of my player in both fielding and keeping skills.  The philosophy at VAST is to build confidence through repetition and analysis of weaknesses to promote improvement which is invaluable in the growth and success of the player. We came to VAST based on the recommendations of parents already involved with Vahid.  I highly recommend VAST."
"I am writing today to provide VAST with feedback on the excellent job you do for providing my child the growth he needs in this great game of soccer.  In the short time he has been a part of VAST he has improved not only with his quickness but his explosiveness. This will help improve his all around in-game performance.  I also like the discipline it provides. I appreciate keeping all the VAST kids in line so that it doesn't ruin the experience for the others. VAST provides a great and different workout each session.  I chose to work with VAST because I know he is getting way more out of it then some of these camps that other organizations put on. GREAT JOB!!   Thank you for all you do Vahid!" Howard B.
"We are thrilled and amazed by the progress our boys made working with Vahid.  With VAST training their ball handling skills have greatly improved and their confidence is up.  They love going every week and it's awesome how quickly they incorporated what they learned into their play.  Thank you Vahid!" Kathleen T. – Coach
"My son has been working with Vahid for several years.  What I like is that Vahid expects and demands my son's best effort and doesn't allow for "slacking off".  During the lesson I notice that Vahid tailors his expectations to each individual; pushing each player to do their personal best.  During the class he takes the time to explain WHY certain skills are needed and will often break down how to perform the skill.   In the cases where my son is still unclear, if asked; Vahid will take time during class (or just after) to individually work with him. Since working with Vahid, my son's skills have improved greatly.  So has his self-confidence.  Several times Vahid has taken the time to remind us of the growth he has seen and the potential that remains."
"My son, Gabe, has trained with Vahid on a weekly basis for the last nine months.  Gabe’s skill, poise on the ball, and work ethic have improved exponentially!  The training environment that Vahid creates demands intense focus and maximum effort.  My son often says that training sessions with Vahid is more challenging than an actual game.  We look forward to training with Vahid in the years to come! " Matt D.
"My daughter Emma started attending small group training with Vahid June 2015.  Through working with Vahid, her foot skills have improved tenfold!  The small group sessions combine speed and agility training with foot-skills and a variety of 1v1 drills.  In our experience, everything that she works on in small group translates very well to the field.  Vahid has very high expectations for all the kids he trains.  He not only makes sure the player completes a drill or exercise, he ensures they do it properly each and every time.  Vahid has a desire for every player to be their very best and will push every player.  He does a great job of keeping the kids focused so that the one-hour sessions are effective.  Vahid also does a great job of providing individual feedback throughout their sessions.  Emma looks forward to training with Vahid each week and responds very well to his training approach."  Tiffany
"It all started about 4 years ago when hearing about this "guy" who does some technical skills training...little did we know that "guy" would turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to my daughters' games.  Fast forward to today, and Vahid has enhanced my girls' technical foot skills immensely, shown them the value of hard work, and the importance of being focused while you are on the field.  One daughter started off as a tentative outside defender is now a confident / skilled central midfielder who is getting ready to tryout for her high school soccer team.  The other was a girl that had started playing more and more goalie, but was lacking confidence with the ball on her foot. Today she has exceptional foot skills for a full time goalie...maybe even some of the best technical skills on her entire team.  VAST also started offering goalie specific training last year which is having a greater and greater impact on her game.  Similar to the foot skills training with Vahid, these session focus on the technical / fundamental skills of the goal tending, but are lead by Steve Paterson (professional keeper). This goalie specific training is a must for any aspiring goal tender as you simply cannot get it through your club team.  Thanks Vahid for all you have done and continue to do to improve my daughters' games!" Jason W.
"My daughter Jessica has been with Vahid since September of 2016. In the short time, she has been training with Vahid she has grown tremendously as a footballer.  Her technique and speed of play have greatly improved.  Her confidence on the ball has translated into a more confident player on the pitch. Vahid's training sessions are intense and precise.  She always has a quality session.  Recently Jess has had the opportunity to train in Verona Italy at the Chievo-Verona academy.   During her training sessions with the Chievo coaches I noticed the similarities with the training Jess receives with Vahid.  Both instruct the importance of technique on the ball, speed of play, precise passing and first touch.  Jess has also recently been named to the Missouri ODP team. I truly believe that training with Vahid and her commitment to becoming a better footballer has attributed to these accomplishments.   Thank- you Vahid!!!" Lori B.
I met Vahid some years back and he projected his Vision for skill training during a casual conversation. I was confident in his ability to deliver world class technical training. I signed my son Johnnie and it has changed his Fundamentals and footwork. He started with square one, 5 years ago and graduated to small groups. We also took advantage of 1V1 training, Defense training and shooting. We also signed up for VAST CAMPS! Johnnie has improved tremendously in his games and his skills have matured over the years. VAST offers a repetitive world class program that build your foundation as an athlete. He now plays for the Blue team at Sporting City North after a season at Unified FC. He has developed to be an all-rounded athlete and plays Flag football, Competitive Basketball and tying out Golf. His footwork and defense in basketball is insane. All his basketball coaches at NGW always wonder if he has played competitive basketball for years and can’t believe last year was his first rodeo. I told them is it soccer and the technical training every week at VAST. I signed my youngest son Jot who follows in his brothers’ footsteps, and he has developed tremendously too. This unique program at VAST produces results and instills discipline in athletes. It helps them work hard and separates them from others. I will highly recommend VAST programs to any athlete trying to build speed, consistency, technical skills and agility. - Johnnie D.


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